Eric The Artist

My name is Eric Ross.  I am a self taught Graphic Designer and Illustrator originally from Cleveland Ohio. 

I came to California in the early 1980’s to pursue my dream of becoming a successful if not famous artist. 

Along the way i had a brief 4 year stint in the NAVY where i was able to travel the world and pretty much

find out who i was as a human being. After leaving the military, i took on a new challenge. Attending college and working for UPS which lasted a total of 15 years.  It was then in February that i made my decision that it would be my last as a worker. It was time to live my dream as an artist and creative soul. Since that time i have dedicated my life to my creativity and also working toward starting my own businesses,  My website is my way of showing the world my talents and also my visions through art and media. i hope i can enlighten and inspire as many people in the future as i possibly can.  Peace to all and enjoy the art.   Eric  The  Artist.   


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